Dolphin Browser Just Gave Me a Good Reason to Switch From Chrome

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Google Chrome is my favorite desktop web browser. As an owner of an Android phone and tablet, using Chrome as my primary browser is also very convenient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my Chrome’s synchronization feature to pull up web pages that I initially opened on my computer, via my mobile devices and vice versa. Despite this glorious feature, Chrome on mobile devices always had a strange lag that Google hasn’t been able to fix. Sometimes there is a delay when scrolling down web pages even when the page has already completely loaded. This has increasingly become an annoyance for me, and the new Chrome Beta application hasn’t rectified it. Today, the Dolphin Browser received a big update that replicates Chrome sync and adds even more features that Chrome doesn’t have. 

Dolphin Browser has a new feature called Dolphin Connect that syncs “history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs across Android, iOS and desktop.” You can also send web pages, phone numbers and map directions to specific mobile devices from your desktop . All this is done using the Dolphin Chrome extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Once it’s installed, you have to sign in to your Google account in order for your bookmarks and tabs to sync.

Sharing to Facebook and Twitter can also be done straight from Dolphin without needing any individual apps. Once you choose to share a URL, a Dolphin-specific interface will let you make a comment and share the page easily. I like the fact that pages I share on Facebook actually show the story’s image as opposed to a few lines of text. Evernote and Box sharing is also included.

I’ve been really impressed with the new Dolphin Browser update so far. The speed is good, lag is minimal and the sync feature is the icing on the cake. For now, I think I’ll give Chrome a much needed rest.

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