Asus Is Interested in Making Windows Phones, But There Is No “Target Timeline”

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There’s a sort of peace and quiet in the Windows Phone 8 world after CES that’s usually not the best of news — but if there are no official launches or unveilings happening, we can at least count on the rumor mill grinding.

And today there’s actually a solid reason for rumors to pop up everywhere, as an Asus official has told The Wall Street Journal his company is “interested in making Windows Phones.” Benson Lin, corporate vice president of mobile communication products, was reluctant to reveal any specifics on the possible Asus – Microsoft partnership, but he did mention that “there is no target timeline” for product launches, which is anything but promising.

He also said that a Windows 8-powered Padfone would “make sense”, which excites us as much as it puts us off. The hybrid Android-based phone – tablet is certainly a very entertaining concept, but making it functional with Windows on board seems like a very hard task that needs years and years of research and testing.

We would obviously hope to see Asus reveal a Windows Phone 8 device sooner than that, if not for anything else but the sincere fear of the platform being discontinued at some point.

Via [Wall Street Journal]

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