Carbon for Android May Not Be Dead After All

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It’s been a few months since we last heard from the developers of Carbon for Android. Before today, the last tweet from the Carbon for Android Twitter account was posted on October 4. Before then, we were told to expect a release in the near future. Of course, Carbon for Android went silent and some users have since moved on to other great Twitter applications such as Falcon Pro. However, out of nowhere, the Carbon for Android developers have re-emerged. There’s no set release date for the app, but Carbon’s Twitter page says we’ll be notified a day or two before it releases in Google Play.

Since coming back onto the scene, Carbon has received a skeptical reception from once eager users. The developers are responding by admitting they messed up.

“You’re skepticism is in the right place, we’ve got heaps to prove now!”, reads on tweet. “You know that, and we know that too.”

On the plus side, Carbon is done with beta testing. The next time the app is released, it will be the full and complete version. The developers are also considering sharing a demonstration of the app just to show Carbon is still a reality. At this point, I think people are over sneak peeks and betas. They just want Carbon to put up or shut up.

How about you? Are you still a believer, or are you over the Carbon hype?

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