Switch Your Mobile Phone Service to Ting and They’ll Credit Your Early Termination Fee

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Have you ever heard of Ting? It’s a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses Sprint’s cellular network to provide cellular service of its own. Unlike Sprint, Ting doesn’t require you to sign a contract. Instead, you have access to six plans that can cost you up to $132 a month for 3000 minutes, 6000 texts and 3GB of data service.  At the same time, you’re able to choose different tiers of each service depending on your individual needs. Whatever you don’t use will be credited back to you on your next bill. It’s a neat concept, and Ting is taking things a step further by offering to pay your early termination fee if you switch its service.

Early termination fees from major carriers can end up costing customers over $200. If you decide to switch to Ting during the month of February, Ting will credit your account up to $350 per line to settle the early termination fee. Keep in mind Ting isn’t giving you money to pay your old carrier. It’s basically just paying your Ting bill until you exceed the amount of your termination fee.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you have to either purchase a device from Ting, or bring over a Sprint device that’s no longer tied to the carrier. Once you port your number to Ting and send them an image of your last bill with the early termination fee, Ting will drop the amount of your ETF into your account.

The phones available to purchase through Ting include the Samsung Galaxy Victory ($294), Samsung Galaxy Nexus ($404), HTC EVO 4G LTE ($479), Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB ($579) and more.

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