Snapkeys Si Enters Google Play For the Curious Keyboard Enthusiast

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Last month, I wrote up some impressions on SnapKeys Si, a new third-party keyboard for Android. Snapkeys Si stood out from the crowd by utilizing a four-square text input system in lieu of a virtual QWERTY keyboard. The result was a unique, but fairly difficult text input experience. If you’re at all curious about how Snapkeys Si works, you no longer have to sign up for the beta. Snapkeys has uploaded the app to Google Play for everyone to try out.

One of the unique characteristics Snapkeys Si possesses is the ability to type while taking up a fraction of your screen’s real estate.This enables you to type without obscuring whatever you’re looking at. It all sounds great on paper, but this keyboard’s greatest hindrance is its learning curve. You have to completely free your mind of the traditional text input methods that have been taught to you over the course of years. It’s not unusual to spend two or three times longer typing out a simple sentence in Snapkeys Si.

If you’re not put off by steep learning curves, you should give Snapkeys Si a try just to see what the developer is getting at. If simplicity is more your thing, maybe SwiftKey is the better choice for you.

Google Play Link [Snapkeys Si]

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  • James

    What kind of learning curve you talking bout. This keyboard is real easy! Especially coming from a QWERTY user like myself. Open your mind up buddy

    • Dave

      aren’t you so special, good job!…perhaps if u could open ur mind first before commenting other people’s minds this world will be better place for the rest of us who is not as special as you are. U so precious u…