UltiBrush Covers All of Your Dental Needs in One Device

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Tyler Glover and his sister are rookies in the world of dental care but they’re on track to establishing a huge name for themselves with an innovative all-in-one device. Taking their father’s awesome UltiBrush invention to Kickstarter, they’re hoping to raise the modest $12,000 needed to thrust a first batch into production. And for all its worth, the UltiBrush is a practical, hygienic tool that everyone should get behind.

It’s compact design remarkably fits a spindle of dental floss, a mirror and  toothpaste into the handle of a unique, futuristic toothbrush. The brush features curved bristles, ensuring comfort on your teeth and gums. Plus the protective cover-cup that fits over the brush can double as a rinsing cup. In one piece of equipment, Glover’s product covers all of your mouth care needs!

The toothpaste is located in the body of the brush and with a push of the button, it can be injected from the base of the bristles – preparing a tooth brushing session perfectly every time. Awesome.

As a personal fan of incorporating camping gear into one’s everyday life — think about it; thermoses, sleeping bags, water-proof knapsacks, crank-powered lanterns and the like, the UltiBrush makes for an excellent, portable solution that shouldn’t be restricted to just back-packers.

It was created with travelers in mind but when we’ve all experienced that anxious, sweaty feeling of realizing you forgot to brush your teeth some particular morning. Imagine how nice it would have been to have had your UltiBrush with you. When I get mine, in my work-bag it will go; a safety precaution to prevent the uncomfortable self-consciousness stemming from having bad-breath in the workplace. I don’t want to be that guy. I’m sure you don’t either.

For just 12 dollars, you can feel good by supporting the thriving young company and obtain your own UltiBrush. The mock-ups are pictured in various colors on the support page and as a backer, you’ll have a say in which colors are made available at launch.

Click the picture below to watch the introduction video.

While contributing, definitely be sure to check out their other videos aimed to spread awareness about their Kickstarter campaign on their fundraiser page. They’re hysterical, featuring a self-unaware ‘beard-o’ who represents that friend we all have. He’ll introduce you to something completely irrelevant, then tie it into how awesome UltiBrush is. Check them all out here, here, here, here,or here.

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