Nikon 1 Series Cameras Let You Enjoy Photography Even More

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Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of two new Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses that propose new forms of imaging expression. The J3 camera represents a new branch in the J-series lineup with even faster performance in a smaller body. The S1 camera provides intuitive operation that makes enjoying a digital camera with interchangeable lenses even easier. Nikon 1 J3 digital camera

Nikon 1 is a compact lightweight camera system that features high-speed performance and the Advanced Hybrid AF System. These cameras also offer additional functions such as Smart Photo Selector, Motion Snapshot, Slow View, and Live Image Control, all of which help you capture that perfect moment. The Nikon J3 and S1 both support the Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1b (available separately,) which enables the transfer of images on the Nikon camera to a smart device over a wireless connection.

You can also use the display on the smart device in place of the camera monitor for remote shooting. In addition, a waterproof case compatible with the Nikon J3 and S1 will also be released. When used, the photographic possibilities of the J3 and S1 are greatly expanded with support for underwater shooting of a variety of subjects and scenes.

Nikon 1 S1 digital cameraConsumers will be able to purchase the Nikon J3 and Nikon S1 in one of five different colors. The cameras will be available in February 2013 for all you enthusiasts who want to develop unique imaging experiences with Nikon.




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