Nokia Unveils Special Edition Asha Charme 308, 309 and 311 Phones

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Nokia’s Asha handhelds are decent choices for all first-time mobile technology users worried about pricing rather than performance, but let’s be honest – they’re quite girlish, so they mostly appeal to representatives of the fair sex.

I know that, you know that and apparently Nokia does too, or else the company wouldn’t have unveiled the limited edition Asha Charme 308, 309 and 311. The trio comes in playful color combos of black and gold, white and silver and white and gold, having additional floral patterns on their cases in the form of chrysanthemums.

Most manly men out there wouldn’t be caught dead rocking these overly stylish handhelds, however, I guess fashionistas out there could have a field day discovering phones that are so in touch with their feminine side.

If anyone’s interested in the three phones’ hardware (unlikely, but still possible,) you should know that they are in no way different than the regular Asha 308, 309 and 311. Hence, the first two come with 3-inch 400 x 240 displays, 2 MP cameras and 64 MB of RAM each, while the 311 has the same panel, but also a 1 GHz CPU and a 3.2 MP snapper.

Right now Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are the only countries confirmed to get the Charme phones, starting at around $150 but we should see them spread across Europe later on.

Via [Unwired View]

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  • Shahmeer

    Girlish Phones these are, which Nokia has introduced ,will suite to Girls, I would like to Buy one for my GF 😉