Refurbished 13-Inch MacBook Pros Now Available in Apple Store for $1,000 and Up

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While we don’t usually like to recommend refurbished gadgets, seeing as there are a number of risks involved, when such devices are sold directly by Apple we sometimes have a change of heart.

You may recall that we told you a couple of weeks ago about some 15-inch MacBook Pros going up for grabs in refurb’ed condition via the online Apple Store. Well, now their lighter and thinner siblings have gone for sale as well.

Now don’t be expecting the 13-inchers to be “available for the masses;” if so, you’ll be bitterly disappointed. Still, they are a tad more sensibly priced at 1,000 bucks and up, so you should think about taking advantage of these deals.

The cheapest 13-inch MacBook Pro is one of the older models from June 2012 with a 1,280 x 800 pix res display. This goes for $1,019, or $180 off the list price. 420 bucks extra will get you a newer Pro from October with the 2,560 x 1600 pix res Retina Display, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Finally, there’s a refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro going for $1,699 as well, also with a Retina Display and 8 gigs of RAM, but with a larger 256 GB SSD. Which one seems best worth the subsidized price?

Via [Apple Store]

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