Tablet Usage: Size Does Matter

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Until recently, I’ve been using a iPad 2 as my sole tablet. I like the iPad. I use it for four main functions: writing, browsing, video and reading. The 10″ size is perfect for the first three, but it was a bit too large for the last.

Because I also use my tablet for scheduling and task management, I tended to take it with me to networking events and client meetings. I always felt a bit silly pulling out such a large device to schedule a meeting or jot a quick note.

About a week ago, I bought a Nexus 7 tablet, and it’s changed some of my routines. I don’t use it for writing. The screen is just too small, especially for my older eyes. Video is gorgeous on it, better than on my iPad 2, but again, I prefer the larger screen, especially when I’m on the exercise bike. Web browsing depends. For a quick Google or Wikipedia search, the Nexus 7 is fine, but for anything more, I still prefer the larger screen.

Where the Nexus 7 shines is in portability. It’s the device that goes with me on client calls. Pocket Informant for Android doesn’t have all the features of the iPad version, but it’s good enough. I can take quick notes in Evernote without taking up too much room at a tiny table at Starbucks.

Best of all, I love it for reading. It’s the perfect size for my hands, and the screen resolution is gorgeous.

So tablet manufactures are probably very happy with this post, because I think the well-equipped techie really needs both a 10″ tablet for serious work and a 7″ for easy portability and quick trips.

Yes, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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  • Zekai Kosumcu

    I’m in a similar situation, but love two-thumb typing on the Nexus 7 with the SwiftKey keyboard because it can read my mind and corrects my mistakes.

  • Juli Monroe

    SwiftKey was on my list to try. If it’ll read my mind, I’m all over that.