Kidz Gear Headphones are Teachers’ and Parents’ Choice

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Anyone looking for a good set of headphones to gift the young music-lover in their lives might want to take note: Kidz Gear Apple Wired Volume Limit Headphones have won the Learning® Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award for excellence in the “School Supplies” category.

The headphones’ Volume Limit Technology, a built-in reduction of the maximum allowable output volume to 80%, was cited by the magazine as the safety feature to edge Kidz Gear ahead of the competition.  The limiter doesn’t seem to be a detriment to performance, as the frequency range sits at a comfortable 20 – 20k hz (which is all the typical human ear can perceive) and they’re compatible with any laptop, mp3 player, or mobile device with an 1/8th-inch universal audio jack.

They are available for purchase for $19.99.  Refreshingly, they’re designed to look similar to headphones an adult would wear, so the implicit condescension of being a kids’ product is diminished somewhat.  However, you may want to look into a different set of cans for young-uns beyond their pre-teen years, as these are sized for smaller heads.

Their usefulness in the classroom aside, the volume limiter is a pretty smart feature to include on headphones aimed at children in any setting.  With these babies you can actually encourage your kids to crank up the jams without worrying their hearing is being damaged.  The technology to convince them to listen to you above the racket is sadly still unavailable.

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