Samsung Galaxy S VI Alleged to Have 1.8 GHz Exynos Processor, According to Benchmarks

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It has been said that the best phones usually go through leaks prior to the orignal launch. We saw this with the iPhone 5 and other flagship devices such as the Galaxy S III, and HTC One X+. To put matters into a better perspective, the entire iPhone 5 was leaked and the only thing that surprised us was the aluminum scratches present in some models out-of-the-box.

Leaked Benchmark reports are stating from Korea that the device will rock a 1.8 GHz Exynos Octa processor when Android 4.2 releases. Some sites are stating that Android 4.2 will be another, advanced iteration of Jelly Bean.

Other rumors include that the Galaxy S VI will include a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED display, a 13-megapixel camera, and have then ability of Qi inductive charging. The only skeptical portion of the image is the model number below, and at the top. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S III is deemed the GT-19300. It would make sense to have the next iteration, the GT-19400, right?

The model number above with the text, “SHV-E300S” can help correlate an additional device by Samsung. SHV, according to research, corresponds to Galaxy Note. As Mobile World Congress draws near, reports are speculating that Samsung will hold off on releasing anything major until the April-July time frame.

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  • troy

    The supposedly specs for the galaxy s “VI” is really lame or somebody doesn’t know roman numeral. Lol. Quick lesson I=1, II=2, III=3, IV=4, V=5, VI=6. You’re welcome, honest mistake though….

  • Chad

    Galaxy S VI? Skipping way ahead? Or do you mean Galaxy S IV? Need a little brush up on your roman numerals.

  • Chris

    I’m going to assume the article is about the galaxy IV (4) and boot the VI(6) otherwise we’re gonna have a long wait!

    • Chris

      Lol@ Samsung auto correct….
      I said not* the VI…… Boot indeed!