Coyote Case is Protecting You and Your iPhone

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Memphis startup Coyote Case has developed a distinctive cellphone case. At less than a third-inch thick, this profound device handles a great deal more than its size would lead you to believe. It is half protection from impacts to your phone, half protection from danger for you. To say this case stands out is beyond an understatement and you’ll probably be amazed to hear exactly just how.

In fact, you’ll be able to hear exactly just how from about five blocks away. Comparable in range and frequency of sound to that of a fire detector’s alert, Coyote Case contains a 105-decibel siren that is activated when switches on the sides of the case are squeezed.

Pictured at the company’s CES booth is investor Joey Stone.

Utilized during an unfortunate attack or attempted mugging or rape, the victim can trigger the sound instinctively at the absolute moment of a threat. I’m no thug but I’d imagine that one would immediately abort their mission, startled by the screech blaring out of this thing — and the attention from bystanders that it demands.

The safety factor doesn’t stop just there however. Incredibly, at the squeeze of the alarm trigger, Coyote Case will simultaneously send out an emergency text message to pre-programmed individuals in your contacts. It responds with your phone’s messaging service with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip, located inside with a printed circuit board, lithium batteries and a piezo buzzer element (also known as a contact microphone.) Even if the phone is off, it will wake it up and seek help.

A dedicated app makes it easy to program the contacts who’ll receive the emergency alert of your danger. Also linked with a GPS service, they’ll know exactly where you are.

For college students, this alert could be sent to campus security, a dorm attendant or local police.

“Coyote Case provides peace of mind for college students (and their parents!), city -dwellers, runners, the elderly, frequent travelers, and those with chronic health problems,” published the company about their inventive product. Whereas the great majority of cellphone case manufacturers worry about the safety of your phone, Coyote Case is more concerned,

rightfully so, for the most important thing outside of the phone — you.

A recent study done by the Department of Justice reported that over ten thousand assaults happen each day in the U.S. Not surprisingly, females between 18 and 24 years of age are the most at risk with a sad-but-true six-percent chance of being assaulted or raped. On a broad scale, this means that one of every four women are seriously assaulted or raped each year.

These alarming facts should provide enough incentive to safeguard yourself and your loved ones with this incredible advancement in personal security. If I was a father of a daughter, I wouldn’t let her leave the house (ever — just kidding) without her Coyote Case in hand. If you’d spend upwards of a hundred dollars on a protective cover for your beloved smartphone, it makes a lot of sense to drop the estimated $129 on a precautionary measure for yourself.

The company is hoping to roll out Coyote Case early this coming summer. Stay in the loop by subscribing to their Howl Headlines e-mail newsletter at their website,

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