Windows 8 Pricing is About To Go Way Up

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If you were thinking of upgrading your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8, now is the time. When Windows 8 was initially released, Microsoft offered a special $39.99 price for Windows 8 Pro upgrades. Microsoft also threw in the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free. Come February 1, Windows 8 pricing will increase substantially. Windows 8 Pro upgrades will become $199.99, the non-pro version of Windows 8 will sell for $119.99 and the Windows 8 Media Center Pack will cost $9.99.

If you don’t want to upgrade your PC online, you can still purchase a physical copy of Windows 8 at retail for $69.99. Keep in mind that any Windows 7 PC purchased between June 2, 2012 and January 31 is eligible for a $14.99 upgrade. This particular upgrade offer will expire on February 28, 2013.

I know many people have been down on Windows 8, but as someone who has been using it for months, I can say it’s not all that different from Windows 7. The new Start menu may seem unnecessary, but I’ve found myself hardly ever using it at all. Most of the time, I’m not even aware I’m using Windows 8. With that being said, you’re not missing much by not upgrading.

Source [Windows Blog]

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