HabitRPG App has a KickStarter

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Life-hacking nerds everywhere, take heed!  HabitRPG, the habit-tracking app which allows you to treat your real-life behavior like a role playing game, now has a KickStarter campaign to fund a mobile version of the app.

The app is a clever mix of to-do list and RPG tropes.  You begin by filling out your own personal array of habits, daily tasks, and long-term to-dos.  Fail to complete your daily tasks or pursue bad habits and you lose HP; lose all your HP and you die.  Take care of business and you’ll receive experience and gold, which can be used to buy real-life rewards (say, a bag of candy or an hour of TV), or in-game bonuses such as armor and potions.

The combined result is a fun approach to incentivizing your day-to-day life which encourages accomplishing long-term goals and the formation of good habits.  You’re on the honor system for keeping track of your behavior, but the creators say later versions will eventually integrate with other self-help mobile apps (RescueTime, Fitbit, Wunderlist, MyFitnessPal, and more) to offer an all-encompassing user experience.

Assuming the campaign reaches its goal, the mobile version is slated to be available for both the Android and iPhone.  They’ll also include support for groups of players so you can compete with your friends… at life!  Contribute to the KickStarter for digital tokens you’ll be able to cash in for in-game items.

You can try the browser version of the app yourself here.

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