RIM Renames BlackBerry App World to Just BlackBerry World, Promises Video and Music Soon

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blackberry worldIn preparation for its transition to BlackBerry 10 as the next version of its OS, RIM has renamed  its app store, from BlackBerry App World to now just – BlackBerry World. Dropping the “app” means one thing, RIM is about to start selling not just apps anymore, but also music and videos. This was promised during the BlackBerry Jam Americas held recently. And RIM says that the BlackBerry World will soon be a one-stop shop for all BlackBerry users mobile entertainment needs.

Well, RIM it’s about time. This should have happened a long time ago. But as they say, better late than never. The question now is, will this help RIM resurrect itself as a force in the mobile industry? That remains to be seen. Maybe BlackBerry 10 might be what RIM has been waiting for so long now.

But this will depend on how BB users will receive the new BlackBerry World. As early as now, RIM is making sure that users’ BlackBerry World experience will be as pleasant as it is with other competing mobile apps stores. In fact, RIM says that the BlackBerry World will feature various ways to browse, download and manage apps using BlackBerry smartphones, Playbook tablet or even on desktop and laptop.

One feature that the BlackBerry World will have is the ability to share apps to friends via BBM, Facebook and Twitter. And if you want your friend to download an app, you can invite them by tapping your BB units together and your friend will receive an invite to download the app. Neat?

The new BlackBerry World will go live first on the web storefront and will be gradually rolled out to BlackBerry Playbook tablet and smartphones in the coming weeks. This is probably before BlackBerry 10 is unveiled to the public.

Via [Inside BlackBerry]

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