Rumor: Apple to Release Three iPhones in 2013, Including a 4.8-Inch Model

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There’s been quite the buzz about a supposed change of strategy for Apple’s mobile division lately, with the iPad Mini and the upping of iPhone’s screen size thought to have only been first steps.

The next ones? Well, some sources claimed that Cupertino was going to focus on affordability with a couple new devices this year, while others simply predicted more releases than usual.

That latter scenario seems to gain credibility by the day, as China Times has just published a story about not one and not two, but three iPhones due for launch during 2013. The first two should see daylight in June, with one of them being the “normal” iPhone 5 incremental upgrade called iPhone 5S.

The other, codenamed iPhone Math, should steal most of the spotlight however, as it’s rumored to come with a 4.8-inch screen. That should help Apple keep with Android’s “bigger is better” trend, but it’s more or less in violation of one of Steve Jobs’ key business credos.

As for the last iPhone said to come this year, that should be released “before the holiday season” with a 12 MP rear-facing snapper. All other specs are kept under wraps, but before hearing about them we have to underline this is anything but a rock solid report.

Via [Apple Insider]

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