Rumor: Non-Nexus Motorola X Phone Coming in May with 5-Inch Screen and Android 5.0

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola has always struck us as bizarre, but the weirdest part of it all is that the search giant is yet to use Moto’s hardware manufacturing skills in its Nexus program. And if we are to believe some newly emerged rumors, things are going to stay that way for some time ahead.

The next Motorola flagship handheld is known at this time only as the “X Phone”, but, while its spec sheet is rumored to include some jaw-droppers, it’ll still not be a Nexus. Some of those groundbreaking specs are an “edge-to-edge nearly bezel-free” 5-inch display and Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie.”

It sounds crazy, we know, and a bit ludicrous, and it might well be just that. After all, you know what they say, never trust a story that comes from a forum. Still, the leakers do claim the phone will be officially introduced at Google’s I/O conference in May, and that’s become the traditional place for new Android version intros. But why not make this a Nexus device? That, our friends, is what puzzles us the most and definitely a question for the ages.

Via [Droid Forums]

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