AirTurn Debuts Wireless Guitar Effects

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To all you six-string shredders out there: in terms of your performance rig, is simpler not better? Sure, there are tons of options to help get that precise twang or snarl or crystalline timbre out of your amplifier. And between old-school effects pedals with analog processing or modern digital advancements, it can be daunting to figure out which models are exactly right for your sound.

As a recreational musician myself, I know that any means of ditching all the patch cables and simultaneously minimizing set-up time is something worth looking into. Positive Grid, a must software developer for Apple iOS is announcing a wireless component to their JamUp Pro XT application; one that allows guitar and bass players to use their iPad as their effects station.

Powered by Bluetooth, Positive Grid’s new AirTurn BT-105 pedal controllers will let players tweak and activate/deactivate their sound with the standard foot stomping technique. Using JamUp Pro XT as your control board, users can wirelessly connect two or four AirTurn pedals to switch between customized playback settings, presets and controlling Jam Player’s iTunes song sampler and dubbing options.

This adds up to something like fifteen-plus classic tube amplifier modeling, a full range of delay and modulation effects, and even MIDI compatibility. Additionally, there are expansion packs available with more amp-modeling options for both guitarists and bass players.

“The tight integration of JamUp and AirTurn brings mobile guitar processors to a new level,” remarked Calvin Abel, Positive Grid Product Manager. “The ability to control a professional guitar and bass processor, on a mobile device via Bluetooth, it just astonishing.”

The JamUp XT app is free in the iTunes App Store. For the AirTurn BT-105 with two ATFS-2 (silencing) pedals and pedal board at $119.95 and the four pedal version at $159, its a small price to pay to complete revamp your effects rig, making it easier to manage and providing more depth than ever before.

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