Total 3D Solutions Brings Virtual Reality to Realty

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Michigan-based Total 3D Solutions are trying to bring their cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses to the business of real estate.  The company is showcasing their brand of immersive video glasses at the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City, offering realtors the ability to bring home buyers immersive video tours of their properties from the comfort of their own offices.

From the press release:

With the cinemizer OLED, realtors can provide a new level of service to their customers. Designed to make home buying more enjoyable and less time intensive, the system allows agents to show purchasers immersive home video tours anywhere, anyplace and at any time on a virtual 40″ big screen HDTV. With 2D and 3D capabilities, the cinemizer OLED immerses the viewer into the home tour, without the time-intensive process of driving from property to property.

“We’re always looking for the latest in technology to help sell homes,” said Kevin Higgins , realtor with Real Estate One. “The opportunity to walk through a home in a 3D video tour is incredible; statistics show that home buyers love pictures and existing video tours—they’ll eat it up in 3D. This technology will bring radical change to how homes are bought and sold.

“With a high-contrast display, lightweight design for easy set-up and positioning, and personalized diopter settings to adjust focus individually for each user, the cinemizer OLED is the most affordable, high-quality set of immersive video glasses of its type on the market. Realtors are able to access home tours from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The glasses also can be easily connected to a PC, Mac, or handheld touch device via Wi-Fi.
PR Newswire (

The company previously cut its teeth providing the US military with immersive 3D training solutions, so you can be sure these will be military-grade virtual tours.  Personally, I’m curious how these glasses stack up against the Oculus Rift, a KickStarter funded VR headset currently being designed for use in gaming.

Early protoypes of the Oculus Rift were offered as a reward for only $300 compared to the Cinemizer OLED’s $749, so the former may one day supplant the latter if widely it’s adopted by the gaming community.  The Cinemizer’s portability, ergonomic design, and light weight do give it an edge for the time being, especially for non-gaming applications such as the above.

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