RecordVault Provides Mobile Security

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We’ve all been concerned with anti-virus software, hacking protection and document security on our home computers but how much effort goes into protecting our mobile computers. You may not think of your smartphone or tablet to be a computer by traditional standards, although it is susceptible to the same types of threats and as we all know, these threats become smarter and more vehement over time.

RecordVault is a security application designed specifically for mobile devices. They quote a Motorola survey which found that “73-percent of individuals were concerned about smartphone security.” Aren’t you?

Selecting files on RecordVault, allows you to “deadbolt” the personal data, preventing them from potential breaches of your security. Using military grade encryption and storage wiping of temporary data, users can find peace of mind in securing any type of file on their system, including electronic records, documents, audio, images and videos.

“You — and you alone — can unlock your files because we create a unique software key tied only to you,” says Rick Wielopolski, President of PerSysTek, LLC. Once logged in, the system can be accessed offline for additional security. Also, only files that are selected will be protected, which means that you can freely share other files on your device without need for said credentials.

The one-time $9.99 fee will cover all of your current and future devices. For more information, be sure to check out the program’s website at

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