Artist Creates Bizarro Finger Paintings with iPad

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It may be how every kid is introduced to creating graphic art but alas, finger painting is no further a novice method of expression than any other celebrated art form. Ask American-by means of-New Zealand artist, Topher Straus. He creates modern (extremely modern) finger painted collages exclusively on his iPad; “digital finger painting,” as he calls it.

In much of Straus’ work, it appears he’ll  includes an original digital photo, in which he’ll manipulate and edit, adding color and texture on his Apple tablet. “All of my work is done on my iPad. I travel with it always and when I see something that grabs at my soul, I take a picture. I then take that image and use my fingers to paint with rich colors,” published Straus on his Facebook page dedicated to his iPad finger painting art.

Straus’ work is alarming with bright color, solid and vibrant — with each work, they first jump out at the viewer separately and then together, in a cooperative relationship with one another. His subjects focus on everyday images, though envisioned through an abstract scope. Each piece seems familiar and in most cases, jarringly emotional. Forgive my casual terminology but Straus’ art is a trip — from youth to adulthood, casual comfort to harsh panicking, sunrise to sunset. To think that these were all done on an Apple iPad is superbly inspiring.

Straus sells prints of his art on thick metal surfaces, available through his website,

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