Moog Puts Sub Phatty Up for Pre-Sale, Bass-Booming Synth Free-for-All

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Everyone knows that Moog is the industry-standard for synthesizer pianos. They’ve been in the game forever and their sound is tried, true, trusted and often mimicked. Synth-junkies and electronic music fans: rejoice. The company’s latest contribution to the two-octave Phatty line is now available. Try not to drool while saying hello to the Sub Phatty.

The self-proclaimed “Grittiest Moog synth ever” produces some of the most colorful and rich plodding low-end tones that we’ve ever heard. You know, the kind that you feel through the speakers in your stomach? This synthesizer can do that and so much more. It’s sure to be another important contribution from the piano synth masters to continue pushing the envelope (pun intended) of today’s electronic music.

Speaking of electronic music; with practice, you can create popular electronic dance music. Check out an awesome video of the beast in action below:

Check out some insane audio samples, learn more about its functionality and pre-order the baby giant at Moogs website,

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