SpareOne Keeps you Prepared with their Emergency Mobile Phone

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SpareOneMany of us love to stay on top of cutting-edge digital devices that have the latest hardware, software, or features. Amidst all the bright displays, sleek exteriors, and flashy marketing, it can be easy to forget the basic idea that a smartphone can also be used for emergencies.

SpareOne, who just recently showcased the SpareOne Emergency Phone at CES 2013, reminds us of the importance of preparation. In the competitive arena of today’s smartphones, SpareOne separates itself from the pack with a simple, extreme-weather mobile phone that runs off a single AA battery. There are no apps, no camera, no media – nothing outstanding except that it’s probably the best emergency phone you’ll ever own.SpareOne emergency phone

The SpareOne Emergency Phone is unique in that it it can have up to 10 hours of talk time on GSM cellular networks with just one AA battery. The phone doesn’t require a SIM card in order to make an emergency call either. It’s always able to make an emergency phone call to the emergency number of your country, though a few countries do in fact require a SIM. It’s easy enough to purchase a GSM SIM card from any GSM carrier, such as T-Mobile or AT&T, or swap in the card from your phone.

The SpareOne is designed to be light, easy to use, and operate between -22 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far greater than that of your average smartphone. There is a built-in LED torchlight on the top that provides up to 24 hours of continuous light. The package also includes a battery and a waterproof bag, which is float-able and submersible. “You can leave your shiny $800 smartphone and your cares behind when you go hiking, boating, mountain biking, etc. You will have peace of mind knowing that your SpareOne phone will be powered and will keep you connected regardless of how many days you are without a charger or power source.” The SpareOne is ideal for traveling, hiking, or any situation where you can make sure you can contact someone when you really need it.

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