New Rumors: Motorola X to Land on Multiple Carriers in July for $299 with Contracts

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You don’t need more than a spark to build a fire when it comes to rumored Android devices. Case in point, the Motorola X Phone we’ve heard about for the first time yesterday and that now has some additional info leaked.

Before getting down to business, we have to tell you we still smell something fishy about this supposed non-Nexus 5-incher, so take all you’re going to hear with a fistful of salt.

Ready? Here goes nothing. The X phone, thought to make its debut at Google’s I/O press conference in May, should start selling around July 8. No huge shocker there, but how about this – all major US carriers should get the phone.

Sounds awesome, but is it really doable? No idea, so let’s move on to pricing. Which should be $299 on contract with Verizon (and, we guess, probably all other carriers). As for the off-contract X, that’s rumored to be sold through Google Play “at similar price to Nexus line”. Now that’s outlandish!

Finally, we continue to “know” very few things in the specs department, but it seems the X will run close to stock Android with only a little bit of “bloatware” easy to be removed once unlocked. Yeah, and Santa Claus is real.

Via [Droid-Life]

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