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French sculptor and model maker Gael Langevin has developed a clever new way to make friends:  3D print them.

His project, called InMoov, has been in the works since early 2012, with his earliest prototype being a printable robotic arm.  Recent additions include a printable torso and head, and Langevin’s even getting the robot to recognize and responds to voice commands.

His site also offers downloadable parts for printing your very own version of his robot at home, as well as instructions for assembly.  So if you’re electronics-savvy and happen to have a 3d printer like the $3,490 BFB 3d Touch at your disposal, you too can make a mechanical buddy.  Check out this video of the nearly-complete prototype:

Pretty impressive stuff for an open-source project if you ask me.  Now, for the big questions:  how long will it be before we have robots that can actually print themselves into existence?  Would this mean 3d printers are the equivalent of reproductive organs to robots?  Most importantly, will there ever be a day when there are “dirty” magazines featuring centerfolds of 3d printers for sexually-repressed robots to ogle?

Story via [Mashable]

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