This Amiigo Wearable Sensor Knows What You’re Doing

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While mainstream wearable sensors such as the Nike+ Fuelbrand are able to track your vitals and the like, the Amiigo may be the first of it’s type to know what exactly exercises you’re performing.

The sensor promises to be able to identify over a hundred different exercises out-of-the-box, so you can finally get an accurate count of each rep you do.  It’ll also feature complementary wireless iOS and Android integration so you can track your progress and share it across social networks.

Even better, you’ll be able to add your own custom exercises to it’s knowledge-base so that your personal routine can be recognized by the sensor no matter how quirky it may be.

The Amiigo’s Indiegogo page has already far exceeded its goal of $90,000, but there’s still over a month left on the campaign.  They plan to retail for $120, but you can pre-order one for yourself at the Indiegogo page for just $99.  Check out their pitch below:


via [Mashable]

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