Official: Microsoft Surface Pro Launches in US and Canada on February 9

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It’s not usually wise to unveil a new gadget and then wait more than six months to start selling it and when dealing with an “experimental” device running a new mobile OS, the risk doubles. Still, Microsoft has done exactly that with the Surface Pro tab introduced to the world in June 2012 and ready to see the light of day just now.

Well, more like in a couple of weeks, as the exact release date in US and Canada is February 9, but hey, what are a few extra days when you’ve been waiting for half a year, right?

The 10.6-incher will be made available via Microsoft’s online and offline stores, but also from Best Buy and Staples starting at $899. That’ll buy you a 64 GB version of the Intel Core i5-powered Win 8 slate with an included Surface pen, which is pricey, but certainly not shocking.

If you want extra functionality, you can go for either the soft Touch Cover or the more traditional Type Cover, both set to cost $119. As for the 128 GB model of the Surface Pro, that will most likely land later in the year for $999. Now the question is whether or not the tab is still hot enough to warrant the extravagant prices. What do you guys think?

Via [Forbes]

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