Early Twitter Bird Logos Were Diverse and Weird Looking

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It sure can be fascinating to see where popular icons of today got their start (example:mid-80s Dr. Dre) and what influences helped shape our understanding of them. This can provide insight as to what their original intentions were versus what they’ve come to be. In the modern world, the same can be said for celebrated tech companies. Take Twitter for example:

Published by @design, “The creative vision of Twitter’s Design Team” on Dribble Wednesday morning, were three photos of what appears to be Sharpie sketches on brown trifold paper towels of prototype cartoon Twitter bird-logos. This is a must-see for anyone who tweets.

(Click images to make size bigger.)

You can see that the folks at Twitter had a ‘bird’ idea in mind from the get-go. There are various incarnations of the little blue tweeter that we now know and love; a karate bird, stoned bird, shadow-puppet bird — even ‘flipping the bird,’ among many others. It is funny to see which ones are the closest to today’s logo and which ones clearly didn’t make the cut.

Next time you read a tweet of interest, when sharing with your friends, you can say “a little birdie told me.”

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