Savvybot is a Facebook-Using Robot

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The people over at Robosavvy of London have developed a system that allows robots to interact with you by accessing your Facebook profile.

The Savvybot, an NAO robot (manufactured by French company Alderbaran Robotics), mines online data and uses web services instead of sophisticated AI to seem much ‘smarter’ than it actually is.  After its Facebook friend request is accepted, it scans your photos and applies face recognition software to greet you by name and in person.  It then asks you pose for a photo with it, and even looks at your music preferences so it may dance to a song by your favorite artist.

Check out New Scientist’s demonstration video.

Hopefully none of these little guys end up on To Catch a Predator.  I can just imagine this things creepy robot voice going: “Hello, little one.  Would you like a wine cooler?”

via [New Scientist]

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