Questionable Facebook Graph Searches Compiled on Tumblr Blog

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The web prankster himself.

Tom Scott “makes things,” as per his personal Twitter handle’s profile, @tomscott. With a wealth of hilarious videos linked on his personal website,, and among some more serious techie projects, he adds one more human interest venture to his repertoire.

Announced a few weeks back, Facebook’s new Graph Search allows users to pinpoint other users by specific interests. For example, one may ask “Who in my city likes red wine and Steven Seagal movies?” or perhaps “Single women who like men with beards and sushi.”

You see where I’m going with this? It’s intrusive, but only to a degree. And although the Facebook Graph Search has been catching some negative press because of this, search results are based only from profiles that are registered as ‘public.’ Of course, this accounts for some users who don’t understand privacy settings and also those who are unaware that their Facebook profile can be accessed by non-friends.

Gadget geek/tech comedian Tom Scott could be the first to find some pleasure in all this, at least from his outsider perspective. His new project,, is where he is compiling actual searches made by him and submitted by users. Published on Wednesday, it already has some interestingly, head-scratching results. Such as:

And:And lastly:As you can see, there are definite contradictions in the Facebook world. Check out more on Scott’s blog.

The service is still in beta testing and available to only some who requested to try it out. Request to be one of the lucky ones, here.

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