They Might Be Giants Release iOS App

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Who doesn’t like themselves a little They Might Be Giants? Perhaps a little “Birdhouse in Your Soul” or “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” or if you’ve got kids, something from their ‘Here Come the A.B.C.’s’ album?

Whatever your style of TMBG may be, you’ll be pleased to download the band’s new, free app for Apple’s OS. Made available on Wednesday, the app streams a new song of theirs each day at random and also keeps the latest five day’s tracks available.

Reminiscent of the band’s clever ‘Dial-A-Song,’ where the band’s two core members, John Linell and John Flansburgh invited fans to call their personal Brooklyn, NY apartment landline — (718) 387-6962, to be exact — where they could hear an original, frequently-updated answering machine song. The practice lasted from the band’s inception in 1983 through roughly 2006.

Designed and created by the band (the Johns, as fans call them,) developer Paul Sahre and artist Hine Mizushima, the application layout appears as a cutesy, felt cassette tape; in line with the band’s playful presence in the indie rock/ children’s music music world. The app also connects users to the band’s website, social media and e-mail list.

The app is available through the Apple App Store and it selects songs that span the band’s full nearly three-decade long career, as well as new recordings.

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