Twitter CEO Previews Quick Glimpse of Vine Video Service for Twitter

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Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO posted an intriguing tweet on Wednesday. With a shout-out to Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, he included the first appearance of Hofmann’s Vine video plug-in. View the post below, rapidly demonstrating how to make steak tartare and plate it like a professional chef.

The service, recently bought by Twitter will allow users to record, assemble and post six-second video clips that loop and even play sound. They appear like an internet .gif file but much more crisp, smoother and in higher definition. Also, the fact that they are embedded in tweets can change the game around for both companies, probably enticing those who are now without Twitter to come join the rest of us.

The video service is yet to launch and little details about Vine’s specifics have been leaked yet. We are still unsure of how it will look or operate and what features are included with Vine, but If this serves as just a brief glimpse of what may will come, Twitter fans have a lot to be excited for.

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