Flatlight is Perfect for Pockets, Purses or Places the Size of a Credit Card

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Tater Tot Designs, for FlatLight

Here is another fun little item to carry with you wherever you go. The FlatLight is currently a Kickstarter project by Tater Tot Designs, and it’s an ultra-thin, super bright, fiber optic light. This credit-card-sized light illuminates with the right amount of light so your eyes don’t need to make any adjustments. FlatLight, by Tater Tot Designs

The FlatLight uses an array of LEDs mounted on a flexible printed circuit board that transmits light to a flat fiber optic backlight.  This type of board was designed to withstand use and abuse suffered from normal usage, rustling in bags, or even in back pockets. There is an on-board processor that controls functions and the LEDs.

The FlatLight runs off of two replaceable CR2016 coin batteries, which can provide light for up to 10 hours of continuous use.  One neat feature that the designers are implementing is the ability to have custom graphics on the back side of the FlatLight. This would definitely be a unique way to advertise your business, or to push marketing and branding for products, especially if you wanted to  stand out and have people remember.

Funding for the FlatLight on Kickstarter ends February 13, 2013. Visit Tatertotdesigns for more product details and information.

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  • M Kirby

    I want one of these flashlights how do i go about getting one of these or maybe 2 of them……..