Filabot Plastic Filament Maker Reaches Kickstarter Goal

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The Filabot, an awesome contraption which lets you take your plastic recyclables and turns them into 3D printer filament, reached its Kickstarter goal yesterday.

Tyler McNaney, the engineer behind the project, saw an obvious disparity in costs between 3D printer cartridges and their material.  Right now filament cartridges cost upwards of $35 a spool, despite the fact that plastic needed to produce the stuff is abundant and cheap.   So he designed the Filabot:

This is the type of thing that, if widely adopted and pursued, could be a game changer for 3D printing.  Imagine this device attached directly to a 3d printer, the spool on a conveyer fed directly into a Makerbot Replicator 2 or BFB 3Dtouch and voila, you have yourself an at-home manufacturing plant.  The fully-built Filabot was a reward on the campaign for $490, so unfortunately this kind of consumer tech might not pay for itself just yet, but the future looks bright if this takes off.

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  • Matthew marchesano

    No doubt it reached its funding goal. It’s a fantastic device! Go green 2k13