Yamaha Wants to be Your Ultimate Music Portal

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Yamaha just introduced the CD-N500 network CD player that offers music fans a single flexible portal for all of their content from any source. It will play your CDs, downloaded music, and streamed music from your PC, NAS, smartphone, tablet, or internet radio. Sounds like too much trouble? Not really.

Yamaha has made a free app, available for smartphones and tablets, that simplifies the process. Users will be able to easily select the source of entertainment and stream that content to the player. The gap-less playback prevents those dead pauses that often happens from music playing from a network.Yamaha CD-N500

“‘While most consumers have moved to accessing music via iTunes, music streaming and Internet radio, there are still many passionate digital music fans who also have large CD libraries that remain an important part of their entertainment experience,” said Tom Sumner, senior vice president, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The CD-N500 is a perfect transition piece for this audience, since it enables them to better integrate all desired music sources. They can listen to what they want when they want, as our network CD player eliminates the barriers to identifying and enjoying their favorite artists and songs.'”

The Yamaha CD-N500 reproduces the sounds from all sources as they were meant to be heard. The high quality audio design based on the Yamaha HiFi concept allows the sounds to be faithfully reproduced without loss of audio signal purity. The CD-N500 provides a USB port on the front to quickly connect an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or USB drive, for instant access to all your music.

A piece of equipment like this would definitely fit right in with a nice home entertainment system. Along with high quality and versatile capability, the CD-N500 also comes with a tidy price tag. The Yamaha CD-N500 network audio player is currently available for $799.95 MSRP.



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