Amazon’s New Kindle E-Readers Now Available in Canada Starting at CAD $89

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Though you can fly, drive, take the bus or even walk from American to Canadian soil whenever you want, Amazon has never been as open to Canada as it has to the States. Case in point, the latest Kindle e-readers, available in the US ever since September 2012, but released up north just now.

The delay has been definitely disappointing, not to mention illogical, but if you’re still looking to score one of the new members of the Kindle family you’re in for some pretty nice deals. The cheapest device goes for just CAD $89, which is basically the same price charged by Amazon in the US.

The low-end Kindle weighs just 170 grams, comes with built-in Wi-Fi and a 6-inch E Ink Pearl display, as well as with 2 GB of internal storage and up to one-month battery life.

If you need something with a little more pizzazz, you can go for the $139 Wi-Fi only or $199 3G-enabled Kindle Paperwhite. Both come with higher-res displays, built-in lights and some extra battery life, but also a bit of added bulk.

Now, where are the Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon?

Via [Engadget]

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