Traveling with Technology

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I just returned from a 5-day conference, and technology played an important role, both for business and personal use. I probably over packed, but I wanted to take along most of my devices to see which ones I used, and for what.

Here’s the list:

Everything was used, but certain items were used more than others.

My iPad was my workhorse item. I used it (along with the Bluetooth keyboard) for writing blog posts for this site and TeleRead, until the conference schedule got so hectic I ran out of time to write. There was a working “iPad dinner” where several of us got together and compared apps and how we use them for business. I used it for the final review and practice for my social media workshop. Finally, it kept me entertained while I worked out in the fitness center.

There wasn’t much I couldn’t do with the iPad, although I found the WordPress app frustrating. I’ll be posting a more complete review of it later. Also, airline seat back trays are at exactly the wrong height for typing, at least for me. I’d planned to use the flight out to write several articles, but that didn’t happen.

What about the Nexus 7? It actually didn’t get much use as a work device. I used it more for playing games and a bit of reading in the my stretches of downtime. For work, I used it mostly for email. I love the Android Gmail app, and I prefer Android’s notification system to Apple’s. I live tweeted a colleague’s presentation, and the Nexus 7 was perfect for that. The room was crowded, and the smaller size made it easier to manage. Curiously, I couldn’t get it to connect to my keyboard, so I just used the soft keyboard, but it worked well.

The conference was in Tampa, which was the main reason I brought the Kindle Touch. The Nexus 7 is my new favorite e-reading device, but nothing beats a Kindle for reading in the sun. My room had a balcony and an ocean view, and I made time to read outside. If I’d been traveling to a colder climate, I think I would have left the Kindle at home and not missed it much. It was slightly more comfortable to hold in the plane, but that wouldn’t be enough of a reason to bring it.

And my iPhone was its usual portable self, great for texting and quick tweets. I couldn’t have left it at home, but it didn’t see as much use as the other devices. It’s used to that, though.

Everything fit in my messenger bag, which has turned out to be a real workhorse. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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