DoorBot First to Reach Christie Street Target Goal

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Named after the New Jersey street that once housed Thomas Edison’s work laboratory and home, Christie Street has been called the “Kickstarter for hardware products” by tech blog GigaOM.

HAL 9000’s cousin. (Just kidding.)

If you’re unfamiliar, the crowd-funding platform launched late last year by inventor and entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff with small-means/big-dreams inventors and product innovators in mind. Presenting measures built into the website’s terms of service, such as auditing each idea submitted and insuring the money contributed from project backers, it remains ‘focused on product and product only.’

Announced on Thursday, the website has reached it’s first big landmark with the first successfully funded device, DoorBot, created by Siminoff’s own Edison Junior company. DoorBot is a WiFi doorbell that connects to your smart device. It works like a traditional doorbell but with it’s built-in video camera, users can view and communicate with visitors through the device’s dedicated app.

“The response to DoorBot on our Christie Street campaign was amazing,” stated Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Edison Junior and founder of Christie Street. “We are so excited to finish the product, ship it and delight our customers. We are working hard to make or beat our timeline.”

DoorBot is also available as a package deal with Lockitron, an app-powered key-less entry system for your home. Together, these products provide the complete solution for a smart, hands-free home entry system. Now in the manufacturing stage, DoorBot is on track, as estimated, to begin shipping units to backers in July.

DoorBot — The Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell from Christie Street on Vimeo.

As of today, Christie Street is featuring two new products seeking funding: the Energi Backpack by TYLT, a book bag that charges your gadgets and the ‘theme-based Deka Bluetooth headsets,’ which are wireless earpieces in unique personalized styles.

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