3D Printed ‘Magic Arms’ Produces “Aw Shucks” Moment, Awards

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Researchers from the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Philadelphia are up for a Design of the Year Award from London’s Design Museum after giving a little girl with a congenital disorder 3D-printed exoskeletal arms.

The team fashioned the arms using a Stratasys Dimension 3D printer.  3D printing allows for a design that will grow along with Emma, as well as be relatively easy to repair.   Stratasys certainly didn’t let pass the chance to point out their many accolades in the press release:

Besides its customer being an award finalist, Stratasys itself has been named a finalist for three Golden Mousetrap Awards from U.S. industry magazine, Design News . It was recognized in the Materials and Assembly category for its Mojo 3D Printer, its Objet30 3D Printer, and its Objet line of digital materials. Award subcategories are engineering plastics and rapid prototyping machines.In addition, Stratasys has garnered two recent award wins from industry magazines, and its founder, chairman, and former CEO, Scott Crump, was inducted into Industry Week magazine’s 2012 Hall of Fame in December. The company’s Objet product line won the 2012 Leadership in Engineering Program from U.S. publication Design World  and the Objet260 Connex has received an innovation award from U.S. magazine, Dental Advisor .

Here’s a promo-video from Stratasys showing this tender moment.

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