Microsoft to Expand on Surface Tablets with Cheaper Models

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Microsoft Surface

Although the Surface tablet hasn’t been selling quite as well as Microsoft had hoped since its launch last October, the company is already looking to expand the product’s lineup. And while the current RT tablet will be accompanied by next month’s release of the more superior Surface Pro, Microsoft CFO Peter Klein has stated that additional RT tablets — with cheaper prices — will be released in the future.

Klein went on to say that Microsoft is “working closely with chip partners and OEMs to bring the right mix of devices,” in addition to providing a larger variety of price points for consumers.

The Surface Pro is set for a February 9th release date and will retail at $899. The current Windows RT tablet is priced more competitively at $500, but is geared towards more casual users (with weaker specs.) It is only compatible with apps available in the Windows Store, which is notorious for it’s lack of developmental interest. The new RT devices will most likely be set to compete with budget-friendly tablets the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7.



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  • Juli Monroe

    They are going to have to bring that price way down before it comes close to being competitive with budget tablets. Not to mention having more apps available in the store. I like competition, so I hope Microsoft does well, but so far I haven’t been impressed.

  • Tarun

    I couldn’t agree more. I love everything about the Pro’s hardware, but you’re right, that price is closing in on a decent laptop’s territory.

  • gift idea

    i like it.Thanks

  • JR Namida

    To boost sales it needs to sell for $199.

    But all it needs is a solid bootloader that will allow it to dual boot other operating systems.

    The 32 Gig memory makes this unit an automatic winner, but not letting it dual boot like the desktop is going to kill this product.

    I understand that the dualboot will not make every one of them a profit generator via the Microsoft store, but that change will move product, that is not currently moving. 5/7% will always boot into a different operating system, but 90% of users will always boot into the Microsoft O/S & will purchase from the Microsoft Store.

    Moving product is the key. When perceived as a hot item, the majority of owners will purchase product from the store, more units in circulation will create more applications, with large increase in numbers will increase application and generate the expected income.

    Keeping the system locked down, and not selling product is not going to make it a sucess, in other colors, or cheaper configurations.