Leaked: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 With ‘S Pen’ (Pictures)

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Just yesterday, Italian tech site  ran some leaked photos of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0. With that, speculations of whether the tablet or ‘phablet,’ as some are describing it, was to come equipped with a stylus arose.

New leaked images of the Note 8.0 confirm the inclusion of the stylus and we have French Android site, Frandroid to thank for that.

In these two photos posted on Friday, we see in the first photo the white 8-incher and a “S Pen” stylus. In the second, we see the complete Note 8 set alongside the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2, with their respective styluses. There is an earpiece for talking at the top of the boarder and the two touch-button/ one home key control system at the bottom.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 8 at MWC in February.

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