iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature 13-Megapixel Camera and Fingerprint Scanner (Video)

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The iPhone 5S is alleged to be Apple’s next creation and to also be the next “best” phone made available. Rumors have pointed to a quad-core processor, 5-inch display, and more. Now, newer rumors are stating that the 5S will feature Sony’s 13-megapixel sensor.

In the past, Apple has had a difficult time finding foreign companies to contribute parts into their device. It seems that Sony and Apple are on good terms, and Sony’s technology will thrive on this beastly device. 13-megapixels seems to be the new, future standard for competing phones such as the rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV, and Note III. This new 13-megapixel sensor will not only guarantee details, but it will allow photos to truly come alive.

Up next is Apple’s latest purchase of AuthenTec. If you are unaware, AuthenTec produces technology in the field of security, and fingerprint authentication. Apple has not incorporated this technology into any kind of device, and considering that mobile technology is thriving, this is more than a feasible option. Analysts are predicting that the new type of unlocking/logging into your device will be done via a fingerprint scanner. It all sounds interesting — possibly revolutionizing technology as we know it.

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