Samsung Plans to Expand Music Hub Streaming Service to Non-Samsung Devices

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Samsung’s Music Hub, an integrated music compiling and streaming service for smart devices, was launched in July. Though the feature has had a pretty quiet life so far (probably due to its unavailability on other than a few Samsung devices,) it is about to undergo a push from the company.

The Next Web published on Sunday that Samsung has in the works, a plan to eventually offer the software to non-Samsung device users. As of now, only Galaxy S III and Note II owners can enjoy the service. With no target date yet announced for the third-party device roll out, the Korean company will most likely start first by incorporating Music Hub on their own line of connected devices; smartphones, tablets and web-TVs, etc. Expanding to other hardware could then be transitioned easier.

Clearly, they have a bit of a ways to go.


The greatest edge the Samsung service has over Google’s or Amazon’s music apps is that it allows for 100GB of cloud-based personal music storage. With everyone’s head in the ‘Cloud’ these days, Music Hub could be a pretty common name in personal music soon.

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