New Apps Tell You if You’re Depressed or an Alcoholic

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The Doctor Says, Inc has released a couple of new Apps of the self-diagnosis variety.  The Depression Predictor and The Alcohol Abuse Predictor each cross-reference your provided answers with medical questionnaires to determine if you’re depressed or alcoholic, respectively.  The apps are currently only available on Android for $3.01 each at the Google Play Market, with iOS and Blackberry 10 versions forthcoming.

Also in the works is an Anxiety Predictor, which, as you may have guessed, will figure out if you’re anxiety prone.

Especially in light of news that certain medical apps are misdiagnosing people, anyone considering purchasing these might want to take extra heed of the warning on the Depression Predictor:  “This app is intended for information purposes only and not intended as a substitute for professional help.”  The way I see it, if you seriously need to consult your smart phone to figure out whether you’re an alcoholic or not, you’re probably way too inebriated to be app shopping.

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