Rumor: Next-Gen iPads to Launch in October, Mini 2G to Sport Retina Display

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With rumors about Apple’s next iPhone(s) floating around for weeks already, it was only a matter of time until we started hearing about the coming iPads as well. And alas, the iPad rumor mill has started grinding, although the first few “sources” don’t seem to be dropping major bombs on us.

First things first, we have every reason to expect Cupertino to intro two new slates this year – a successor for the fourth-gen 9.7-inch iPad and a second-gen iPad mini (most likely called Mini 2G). Nothing surprising and nothing to comment on, so let’s move on.

To the timeframes of the two’s releases, believed to be set for October. Again, nothing too shocking, as the previous iPads have been unveiled in October 2012 and released at the beginning of November.

But what about specs and features? Well, unfortunately, we’re a bit short on news there. “Pundits” are saying that the iPad Mini 2G (codenamed J85) will be rocking a “Retina” display. Meanwhile, the iPad 5 (aka J72) is rumored to be thinner than its predecessor, with no one bold enough to make any other guesses.

Via [iLounge]

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