Fresh From Kickstarter Success, Connected Data Raises $6 Million for the Transporter

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On January 11, Connected Data successfully funded its Kickstarter campaign for an off-cloud storage solution called the Transporter. Backers pledged $260,453 to the project which was more than double than what Connected Data was asking for. As units begin to get prepped for shipping this month, Connected Data has managed to raise $6 million in funding from Northgate Capital and Floodgate Fund.

The Transporter hopes to bridge the gap between cloud storage and traditional portable hard drives. Even though the Transporter isn’t connected to any kind of remote server, it still connects to the internet through a user’s personal network. Files stored on the Transporter can be shared to other selected Transporter units, computers, smartphones or tablets. You can also access everything stored on your Transporter from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. The result is more secure storage that has less of a chance of being compromised by hackers. If you recall the Dropbox hack that occurred last year, it’s no surprise that something more secure like the Transporter has gotten the attention of investors.

The Transporter sells for $199 without a hard drive, $299 with a 1TB drive and $399 for a 2TB drive. Standard 2.5-inch SATA hard drives with at least 160GB of storage can be used in the Transporter. No additional fees are required to use the Transporter.

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