Sony C5303 “HuaShan” Caught on Camera Ahead of Official Release

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It’s not unusual to get a quick glimpse of an unreleased smartphone in blurry leaked pics these days, but seeing a device in all its glory, photographed from the front, back and sides is a different kettle of fish.

Still, that’s exactly what’s allegedly happened with Sony’s upcoming mid-range C5303 “HuaShan”, spotted from every possible angle in some high-quality photos. Allegedly, because there’s no way to know 1. if the pics are real and 2. if the device is in fact the HuaShan.

If that is the mid-range fellow we’ve heard about ever since last year, it’s yet another piece of evidence that Sony is one of the Android OEMs to watch out for in 2013. I mean, that looks almost exactly the same as the high-end Xperia Z and ZL, meaning elegant, sleek and snazzy.

It’s true, the pictured device does seem to be a tad thicker than the company’s flagships, but it should still look pretty darn good for a “budget-friendly” phone. As far as specs go, early rumors pointed towards an HD display of sorts, Android 4.1.1, a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU and a 5 MP camera. Pretty yummy, eh?

Via [Phone Arena]

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