HP Pavilion Chromebook Revealed (By Mistake?), Coming Soon With 14-Inch Display

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It’s crazy how quickly things change and how sudden trends are turned in today’s computer market. Netbooks, once upon a time predicted to take over the entire laptop class, have died in front of our eyes, with very few people mourning their loss.

Meanwhile, Chromebooks, which always seemed bound for failure, look like they could actually catch on, at least based on the number of manufacturers willing to back the “always connected” concept. Samsung and Acer, the first Chromebook players, have been joined by Lenovo not long ago, with HP also prospecting an entry.

In fact, you can say Hewlett-Packard is doing more than prospecting, as the first Pavilion Chromebook has popped out of nowhere on the company’s website. We’re unsure if the listing has appeared by mistake, but it’s definitely way too complex to be just a hoax.

HP’s Chromebook doesn’t look that special hardware-wise, featuring a mediocre 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron CPU, 2 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics and a 16 GB SSD. However, there is  something special about the Pavilion – the bigger than average 14-inch LED display with 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution.

Will it be enough to make this a hit? Only time will tell. Well, that, and the price tag, which remains a mystery at this point.

Via [The Verge]

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