Graphene Race Continues: EU Commission Wins Grants, Announces Two New Research Projects

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You may have remembered when we reported about graphene last week. Though it’s definite everyday uses are still to be determined, organizations from around the world are still trying to get a piece of it, amidst the compound’s infancy.

The European Commission announced on Monday that they have won the multi-billion euro competition of Future and Emerging Technologies (FET.) Featuring at least 15 EU Member States in nearly 200 research institutes, the Commission’s ‘Graphene’ and ‘Human Brain’ initiatives will receive a billion euros each, to fund a projected ten years of future research.

The EU Commission will set its ‘Graphene’ and the ‘Human Brain Project” as FET ‘flagships.’

“Europe’s position as a knowledge superpower depends on thinking the unthinkable and exploiting the best ideas,” announced EU Commission VP Neelie Kroes. “This multi-billion competion rewards home-grown scientific breakthroughs and shows that when we are ambitious we can develop the best research in Europe.”

The extremely thin but strong, electrically-conductive material may change the gadget world in a big way pretty soon. It is 100-300 times stronger than steel, conducts energy better than copper and has been named the ‘wonder material of the 21st century.’ The project is led by Professor Jari Kinaret, from Sweden’s Chalmers University.

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